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Never stop exploring - the world, your partner, yourself!

Names: Laura & Max
Nationalities: German
Ages: Both 26
Instagram: @lauramaxexplorers

Laura and Max are a traveler couple, and we want to know how amazing has been their story. Let's read...


1.- How did you meet each other?

That's a long story, we actually met 4 years before we became a couple. We went to the same university together and were good friends but never dated due to different circumstances, but the chemistry was always there and we kind of knew we are made for each other. After we lost sight for a year and both had other partners, we finally took our chance and it was just perfect since then.

2.- How was your first date (place, year, any special song or story?)

We went to a little burger restaurant, it was December 2014, it was not a traditional first date since we knew each other pretty well already, but there are always thing you only learn when you are in a relationship.


3.- At what point of your relationship you decided to start traveling the world?

Traveling the world has already been Laura's passion, especially after studying in Singapore. Max has always been very interested in experiencing new things too. We are looking forward to both finishing our Master thesis giving us the chance to go on a round the world trip at the end of 2016.

Lovely place!

Lovely place!

4.- What was your very first destination together and why did you choose it?

Our first couple vacation was a one week trip to Santorini, Greece. This was the perfect choice, such a romantic place! We have seen the lovely photos for a while and needed to go! We recommend everyone to travel to a small island or a romantic landscape when you are freshly together. City trips are always very stressful, touristy and expensive... better go somewhere where you can enjoy each others company :)

5.- What’s the best part of traveling together?

Definitely to share the great experiences and remember them when you are back at home! Memories for a lifetime!

Laura loves colors!

Laura loves colors!

6.- What’s the hardest part of traveling in couple?

Making compromises.. you never have the completely same interests, Max loves hiking, Laura loves shopping.. you should to do both things together!

Max, professional rider!!! =)

Max, professional rider!!! =)

7.- Please, tell us the most romantic place you’ve been together at (what made it so romantic)

A light house at the southern coast of Santorini with an amazing few of the endless blue sea!

8.- Could you give us between 2 and 3 tips/advise for new traveler couples?

Talk about your expectations, especially price wise and luxury level. Best you agree on your travel style before booking.. if you want to backpack, all-inclusive or 5 star luxury and how much you are willing to spent.

You should also talk about what vacation is for you, active sporty time or lazy sun bathing all day?!

Amazing place for taking a picture!

Amazing place for taking a picture!

9.- If you could define your relationship on a quote what would it be?

Not particularly on our relations but we love the quote "Never stop exploring" - the world, your partner, yourself!

We all want to visit this beach! 

We all want to visit this beach! 

10.- How a happy couple could help to make this world a better/happier place to live in?

When traveling the world, you learn a lot about yourself, the culture and about each other. It helps intensifying your relationship, share experiences and learn about other cultures. To make the world a happier place, as a couple you can share your happiness with everyone around the world and hand down your open-mindset to your kids.

Laura & Max, so romantic guys!!! ;)

Laura & Max, so romantic guys!!! ;)

Thank you Laura and Max for sharing your love with us!

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